Chairman’s Message

Our industrial work has been commenced by our elders of the family 35 years ago at İstanbul Bayrampaşa with regard to Pressure Casting.

Our founders multiplied their practice in casting and press through 20 years of experience in mining at Balkans. Thus, we conceived the potential and opportunities of metal industry in order to set up a system for our prospective goals. Our primary aim was to manufacture high quality components for automotive industry. The accomplishment in automotive and other industries led to raise in capacity and investment for new production plant including different divisions. In 2012 we subsequently moved to the new factory area at İstanbul Hadımköy which covers 7000 m2 closed space, the headquarter and the production units. Hence, we achieved to combine all our companies specialized in various areas under one institutionalized Corporation called Metal TeknoPres.

We have always conducted all our commercial activities in the framework of exemplary professional ethics for half a century. Principled stance of Metal TeknoPres tumed it into a company which can offer Solutions in all aspects from Europe to the Middle East and which is both experienced and confidential.Our exporting experience brought along required investments for continuity of quality, new technologies to adapt and specializing in complex manufacturing methods. We are proud to have the knowledge, the skill and flexibility to respond any demand conceming cold-hot chamber metal injection for cast and mould production. Metal TeknoPres keeps on improving its knowledge and skills by the help of vast experience in injection and mould technologies.

We are grateful to our employees who have significant contribution to our achievement by their hard work, knowledge and friendship, our business partners, our suppliers and our elders to whom we owe this day.

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