Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

According to Human Resources consciousness of Teknopres, employees are the certain element that makes a company worthwhile and leads to forward success stories. Staff satisfaction and confidenceon the company is a fundamental requirement of creating a beautiful, efficient and productiveworking environment.

Being aware of all this, Teknopres has the system and the environment of sharing and friendliness,which has, giving importance to the ideas of its employees, respecting their sacrifices, experiences,knowledge and skills.

Teknopres, believes that true differentiation among a host of competitors throughout the globe is only possible by a meticulous human resources .Teknopres maintain hiring and developing its employees to work with consciousness of, “POSITIVE THOUGHTFUL”, “TEAMWORK”, work with allof our employees and our suppliers in “PEACEFUL and SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT” and creating high performance “EFFECTIVE BUSINESS RESULTS”.

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